Tampax Pearl Regular 18pk


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Tampax Pearl is the best Tampax tampon ever! You’ll feel confident with the comfort and protection that Tampax Pearl offers. The Tampax Pearl applicator is our easiest and most comfortable applicator. It is 5x smoother than Tampax cardboard for our smoothest and most comfortable tampon insertion and has a unique Anti-Slip grip that helps you hold and position the tampon in the right place. Tampax Pearl is our best protection. Unlike other tampons the Tampax Pearl tampon expands widthwise so that it adapts to the shape of your body and helps prevent leaks from happening. Tampax Pearl also has a unique LeakGuard™ braid that gathers fluid and sends it back to the core of the tampon, giving you that extra back-up protection needed while you’re out having fun! Shhhhh! All this comes in a quiet whisper wrapper with easy-to-open tabs. No one will ever know you are on your period. Tampax Pearl Regular is designed for light to medium flow during your period. Tampax Pearl is the best way to Outsmart Mother Nature by Tampax and live your life without interruptions

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