M&S Calm Apothecary Refillable Candle 180g


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This Apothecary Calm candle will bring a soothing scent to your home. The fragrance contains the essential oils of delicate lavender with citrus cedarwood and sweet orange, known for creating a soothing and relaxing effect. Once finished, the container can be emptied and refilled using one of our candle refills.

This fragrance is part of the Herbal family of fragrances. Herbal scents are often considered to have soothing and relaxing qualities and may contain notes such as lavender, cedar wood, vetiver or eucalyptus.

Height: 7 cm
Width: 8.5 cm
Length: 8.5 cmNever leave a burning candle unattended, keep out of the reach of children and pets and do not burn candles on or near anything t